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We shape the future together!

Facilitate your current activities with future solutions. Improve your daily lifestyle as part of the Go Platform.

IOT - Internet of things

By connecting a number of physical devices around the world to the Internet, the IoT - Internet of Things influences rapid collection and sharing of data and enables direct communication between people, processes, and things.

A platform that offers IoT solutions

In seven branches that encompass all dimensions of the Smart City concept, Go Platform unites and realizes all the requirements of cities and the needs of its residents for IoT solutions.


Seven directions-the same goal

Go Community offers IoT solutions that successfully transform the classic ways in which the cleanliness of the environment is maintained, use parking, public transport, or taxi services.
The use of stationary or mobile IoT sensors gives us the opportunity to continuously monitor the pulse of the natural world and allows us to map and monitor the quality of air, water, or noise in large geographical areas. This allows us to better regulate the nature and environment in which we live and make decisions based on the information obtained.
Go Farm is a Smart Farming concept that refers to farm management using modern information and communication technologies to increase the quantity and quality of products while optimizing the required human labor. The integration of IoT smart solutions monitors soil and environmental conditions, automates irrigation, and checks plant health, livestock monitoring, or precision livestock farming.
IoT solutions that offer optimization of energy consumption and complete control of electrical and other devices making the decision to build smart homes or facilities far simpler.
With devices equipped with sensors, maintenance problems can be predicted. Smart transport applications in retail deliver more efficient movement of goods, transport maintenance, route tracking and optimization, improved ROI, reduced downtime, and an improved overall user experience.
The implementation and placement of sensors at key points and locations facilitate control and monitoring of the electricity or water consumption. The sensors enable measurement and management of all production processes, but also offer opportunities to optimize performances, increase operational feasibility, reduce operating costs and optimize resource use.
The use of IoT solutions in various industries has resulted in numerous improvements. In addition to installing video surveillance in private and business facilities whose primary goals are surveillance and safety, the installation of sensors will provide the collection of necessary data for smoke detection, measurement of river water levels for timely response, and reduction of risk situations.


Go Platform - The initiator of an organized society

Parking on the move

Go Parking System represents the use of modern technological and communication solutions (sensors, cameras, concentrators, software solutions) for more efficient management of parking systems. Go Parking consists of SMS payment service and three interconnected applications: Go Parking Business, Go Parking Control i Go Parking.


Go Taxi System represents the use of modern technological and communication solutions in more efficient management and organization of business processes of taxi services. Go Taxi System in software terms consists of two interconnected applications: Go Taxi Business and Go Taxi.

Breathe freely

Go Air System is based on IoT surveillance technologies that provide a broader picture of the levels of air quality and real-time information needed for faster decision making. Go Air System in software terms consists of two interconnected applications: Go Air Business and Go Air.

We grow together

The Go Grow system is a digital assistant that helps farmers to make optimal decisions for the growth of their production and business based on real-time information from IoT sensors. The Go Grow system contains the Go Grow mobile application.

Speed up business, increase profits!

Different industries and environments have different IoT implementations and models. IoT benefits can bring benefits to one industry or segment of society and not to others. If you plan to develop an IoT strategy for your business, the solutions offered by the Go Platform and IoT technology will influence you to make better business decisions.

Develop your IoT idea!

Join the largest system integrator in BiH, which operates on several continents and annually invests over 3 million euros in software development. Through the Go Platform we offer the opportunity to develop good IoT ideas which can make us partners.

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