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Parking on the go!

With a few clicks on your smartphone, pay for parking and continue your daily activities!

One application for all parking lots in BiH.

We offer you the opportunity to pay for your parking services with three mobile operators in more than 25 cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before sending an SMS, check the accuracy of the entered data and wait for confirmation from the operator.

Find the nearest location in the city, pay or extend the duration of the parking ticket in a few simple steps!

Check out what the Go Parking app has to offer in 30 seconds!

Buy a ticket

Start by buying your parking ticket.

License plates

For accuracy and faster purchase of a parking ticket, it is necessary to enter your license plates without dashes, spaces and special marks. The application supports the payment of parking tickets for several different vehicles that you can mark by color.

Buy a ticket via SMS

By selecting the city, license plates for which you want to pay your parking ticket, parking zone and time period, the user is offered the option of paying for a parking ticket directly from the application via SMS.

SMS notification

Follow the SMS notification confirming payment for your parking.

Select language

The application offers the ability to select multiple languages.

Parking history

Overview of purchased tickets gives you an insight into all your activities within the GoParking mobile application.

Entering multiple license plates

The application offers the ability to select colors to distinguish your vehicles for which you have entered your license plates.

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The Go Parking Business web application is intended for business users, and with it you can monitorthe entire work and administration of jobs!

Monitoring of activities

Visually prominent and quickly available current data in one place. Easy monitoring of information such as daily flow of parking tickets, information on revenues and turnover of parking tickets, parking tickets before expiration or expired parking tickets.

Portfolio of the controller

Displays recorded data on the activities of the controller in the field, such as an overview of work orders for a given period, daily performance or exact locations on the map of activities performed.

User portfolio

Displays recorded data on the activities of users of parking services. Chronological display of data on purchased parking tickets also offers the possibility of contacting users via email or SMS directly from the application.

Issuance and extension of PVC parking ticket

Go Parking system allows issuance of high quality PVC parking ticket containing QR code for validation purposes. Parking ticket is printed directly from the business application. Creating PVC tickets allows extension of monthly, annual parking tickets without the need to reprint and new arrival of users in the parking service. Parking service users can pay for and extend their parking ticket online from home.

My activities

Overview of all controller activities is available in one place

Checking the parking ticket

The application facilitates and speeds up the daily work of the controller so that by scanning the QR code on the parking ticket they can quickly get information about the validity of the parking ticket unlike the previous manual entry of the parking ticket number.

Issuance of academic ticket

Issuance of additional ticket

OCR vehicle license plates

SBy scanning vehicle registration plates, controllers can quickly obtain information on the validity of the parking ticket. The system uses OCR technology to automatically recognize vehicle registration plates.

You have questions for us?

Want to report a bug or need information? Customer support service is available 24/7.