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24/7 air quality check with a smart solution to control parameters in all environments.

Air pollution occurs with a deviation from its normal composition, due to the presence of foreign substances in concentrations in which they do not cause direct damage to human health or other living organisms in a short period of time.

However, without air quality control and taking adequate measures, the consequences of air pollution affect both people and the entire ecosystem.

Go Air business

It offers you all real-time environmental monitoring information, regardless of location and geographic factors.

The Go Air Business web application is intended for institutions and organizations, whose goal is to influence the development of a healthier environment, through detailed measurement, data analysis and creation of plans for air quality management in urban and other environments.


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Turn date into results!


Highly harmful PM10 and PM2.5 particles pose a great danger to health.

The Go Air IoT solution will provide monitoring of anthropogenic pollutants and detailed measurement of their concentrations in the air.


Go Air also offers the ability to set alarms for all parameters monitored.

Through notifications in the application, users will be notified that the values have exceeded the allowed threshold.


Air control is essential for the healthy life of the entire ecosystem.

With Go Air as a reliable air quality display system, you turn the problem of air pollution into a chance for a cleaner environment.

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